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Pressure Point

"Handled" Loofah

"Handled" Loofah

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You've got this handled!

Showering after surgery can sometimes be a bit challenging. Depending on your procedure you may not be able to reach certain parts of your body. This is why the Handled Loofah is a post-op must have, and will likely become your best friend, lol. The Handled loofah is thick, durable, strong, soft and post-op-friendly, making showering effortless and leaving your skin feeling clean.


IMPORTANT: To keep showers to a minimum of 3-5 minutes days following surgery and never take a hot shower (Cool-Luke warm). Be sure to protect your dressing/bandages. Your surgeon will best determine when it is best for you to shower after surgery as these decisions are directed to your individual circumstances, procedure type, and closure technique 



Material: Nylon  Mesh with a plastic handle

Color: Black/White/Grey

Exact Size: 18 x 5 inches

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