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New Year Massage Special (Post-Op)

New Year Massage Special (Post-Op)

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Available 11/23/23 - 11pm ET

Save now book Later! Time to take advantage of the best deal in South FL.  If you're having surgery soon or any time in 2024 you do not want to miss this. Why leave the comfort of your home or hotel,  if you don't have to? The therapist travels to you, price includes travel.

Once you've booked your pkg, a coordinator will be contacting you within 48 hours to schedule your massages. If you have an immediate need, please send an email to, someone will contact you within 2-3 hours.

Why do I need massages?

While the goal of cosmetic surgery is to improve the body's contour and shape, the procedure can also lead to temporary disruption of the lymphatic system, which plays a crucial role in fluid balance and immune function. 

Not only does the massages prevent fibrosis and scar tissue formation, it reduces swelling, improve circulation,  prevent fluid accumulation (Seromas), and minimize post-op discomfort and promote better overall recovery.

Being Proactive With Your Aftercare Will Always Improve Your Surgery Experience!


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